Here are 5 important factors to consider when determining the value of your home.

1. Location: It is important to look for sales in the same neighborhood or better yet, find a home that sold on the same street as your home.

2. Date of Sale: Real estate can fluctuate from month to month or year to year. Look for homes that sold within the last 3-6 months.

3. Same Architecture: Look for the same architectural style, floor plan, number of bedrooms/bathrooms and close to the same age as your home.

4. Features and Upgrades: It is very important to look for homes that are in the same condition as your home. Upgraded kitchen & bathrooms, fresh paint, new windows & flooring, newer roof & beautifully landscaped. The value of the home can increase based the condition and will draw the buyers if it has great curb appeal as well.

5. Sale Type: Short Sales and Bank Owned Properties are distressed properties. Never use distressed properties as a comp when determining your listing price. Depending on the condition they can bring the price of your home down.

There can be many other factors when considering the value of a home such as Condition, View, Upgrades, Room Additions, Neighboring homes and more. Call or text us today at 909-260-8228, we can evaluate your property for FREE and with no obligation.