Lake Arrowhead is a beautiful community in the San Bernardino Mountains in San Bernardino County surrounded by the national forests and around the beautiful Lake Arrowhead Reservoir. There are six communities including Lake Arrowhead, Twin Peaks, Blue Jay, Cedar Glen, Skyforest, and Rimforest. The reservoir is an artificial leg on Little Bear Creek, the tributary of The Creek and the Mohave River. It covers over 780 acres surrounded by the community of Lake Arrowhead. The lake was originally intended to serve as a major waterworks project to provide irrigation to the Valley but litigation over water supplies to land owners hold of the project. The dam was finally completed in 1922 and continued to develop the area into a resort community. Use of the lake is controlled by the Arrowhead Lake Association, maintaining the lake for recreational purpose to its members. Only Lake Arrowhead residents with Lake rights may access the water. It’s a beautiful place to call home. Contact me at anytime if you’d like to know more information about owning a home on Lake Arrowhead.

Images by miheco – Ming-yen Hsu – By shadowhound – IMG_6361, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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