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#1. Advocate for you during the entire home selling process.
#2. Research homes in the area and prepare a competitive market analysis.
#3 Take time to uncover your goals, objectives, and concerns.
#4. Provide comps and suggestions on the asking price.
#5. Help with decluttering while advising on home repairs or upgrades.
#6. Hire a professional real estate photographer.
#7. Craft a thoughtful compelling property description.
#8. Place your home on the agent-only database (MLS) and hundreds of public real estate sites.
#9. Market the property by providing signage and using print and digital marketing strategies.
#10. Host open houses at your request.
#11. Manage and coordinate all showing requests with your schedule.
#12. Qualify any potential willing and able buyers.
#13. Negotiate offers on your behalf with buyer’s agents.
#14. Assist with various financial aspects of the home sale.
#15. Provide oversight and follow-up related to property inspections and repairs.
#16. Assist with gathering essential property documents.
#17. Manage all dates and deadlines related to the contract.
#18. Monitor buyer’s loan status leading up to the closing.
#19. Work directly with title companies and escrow companies to ensure the accuracy of all closing procedures.
#19. Present at closing to ensure all your interests are protected.

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